Sorry, I’m a bit late, because I was MIA last week for exams, but I felt like I should mention these new updates, because they are pure AWESOME.

It’s clear that Valve has been paying attention to what people want, as they added the possibility for upgrades to dispensers and teleporters; the upgrades for these items work the same as they do with sentries- just add more metal ^^. The advantage is that with each upgrade the dispensers will heal faster, and the cooldown period will be shorter between each teleporter use.

There were also updates to the HUD; now when medics are being called they will be able to see the approximate level of health that the player is at. If they are really low, then the bubble will appear in red. I think this will be very useful, as there are people in pubs that use scripts to constantly call medics, because they like to be boosted all of the time at the expense of their teammates (and the annoyance of their medic haha).

Screenshot of a level 2 teleporter exit:

Screenshot of a level 3 dispenser:

Screenshot of my clan member being entirely inappropriate before a scrim (LOL):

1) I use Boodah’s config, so the screenshots are super ugly
2) Don’t use a foreign language as your default language when learning a new game like Left 4 Dead… it’s HELLA confusing!
3) Click for the larger versions


A new study put forward by IGN Entertainment and Ipsos MediaCT found that gamers are actually more sociable than non-gamers.

The best part:

Gamers are twice as likely to go out on dates as nongamers in a given month

I’m glad this goes against the stereotype that gamers are fat mouth-breathers. I personally have been attracted to gamers are all along; they’re fun people! What’s not to love? It’s so fun getting a good frag on the guy you’re crushing on. Perhaps the most romantic, self-less behaviour, though, would be when a guy acts as your personal medic haha ^^ (Of course taking turns is the nice thing to do.)

ars technica: Study squashes myth of gamer as antisocial Comic Book Guy

RL medic visit

September 30, 2008

Today I visited a medic IRL and got my tonsils taken out. I am enjoying having an excuse to eat lots of ice cream and gelato, so it hasn’t been so bad, but I’m looking forward to regaining all my HP ^^

Unfortunately, Pwnage.TV will be shutting down its operations. I’m sad to see such a great organization cease to exist, so I’m hoping that it will at least be acquired by another company.

It is kind of ironic that my iMic finally made it to my local Mac shop, The Mac Group, this past Saturday. I am fully able to take advantage of my headset now, but I have nowhere to shoutcast. I would really love to get back into tf2 casting, but I’m not sure where to begin.

Ben E. King VS. Sean Kingston – Stand By Me Beautiful Girl

A song that makes me want to dance ^^