Note: a prior post describing the basics of pickups ^^

I have been sick the past couple of weeks>< but to make the time go by I have been playing a lot of TF2 european PUGs (pick up games). My highlander teammate, Lopert, told me about it, and it has been a lot of fun playing with the euros! The euro community is a lot larger than the north american one with at least 200 extra idlers in their IRC channel… and I’m not going to lie- it is interesting to hear the great variety of accents!

What is really cool about the european system is that you can choose to play medic before the game even starts; in fact, it seems like hardly anyone ever wants to play medic in the euro PUGs, so it is a great way to practice your medicing skills ^^ It also keeps a page of stats that keeps track of the number of PUGs you play.

The admins also seem to put a lot of time into this system. They are able to rate each player based on what they perceive the person’s skill level to be for various classes, and they input the information into the bot, so that it can make fairer teams. Luckily this information is kept private so that no one can get offended that perhaps they received a lower rating for a particular class.

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ESEA TF2 service launched

November 2, 2008

The new TF2 ESEA service is already up and kicking! I am curious to see how it will thrive in the Team Fortress 2 community, which is significantly smaller than both the CS 1.6 and Source communities.

One personal friend on mine who plays in CEVO-P seems to be really impressed with ESEA, and all of the stats it offers. Another positive account- the user m3lior on the GotFrag forums said that he “played 6 straight pugs, and every time someone dropped a sub was found automatically within minutes”. It is definitely annoying in to have to scrap a pug when people take their sweet time or just don’t show up.

I decided to sign up for an ESEA account, as I read in the forums that they were giving out 1 week trials of the Premium subscription. After I tried to activate the trial, though, I learned that they are only available in limited quantities. Torbull is giving out free trials to people who list their usernames on the following GotFrag thread, so there is still some hope for the rest of us!

I’m not in a huge rush to start the trial, though, as there is still an upcoming class restrictions feature to be implemented. I was chatting with Onawire, leader of #1000, and my clanmate (<3) yesterday about ESEA, and he is the one who told me all about it. I wasn’t really sure what it meant on the website, but now I am very interested in this feature that would ensure that you get to play the class that you select prior to playing the game. Medic is most certainly my primary class, but if I was to pay for ESEA then I would like to improve my skills in other areas of the game. I am not a very good souljah girl, but it would be nice to get better in the kind of competitive and fair environment that ESEA is known to offer.

Eventually I would like to see some balancing of skill levels, as it would be my worst nightmare to play soldier against Reptile!

More updates to come once I get the free trial!

ESEA: Premium

Update: Wow, Torbull activated my free trial within minutes of my post!

ESEA for TF2?

October 31, 2008

There are rumours being posted on the GotFrag forums that allege that ESEA will be adding TF2 to its list of games in the next month or so. ESEA is a subscription service where you pay about $6 to play pugs (pick up games) that are being constantly run.

The upside is that you know there will always be pugs to join, better reliability, more pugs to join, and perhaps even more competitive players than a normal pug.

Luckily, there are free pugs to be had at and at #nrpug on the gamesurge network- so do not despair if you want to pug but don’t feel like forking out the $6/month. These free pug services only require you to use IRC and a mic, and they are good to practice your skills.

GotFrag: TF2 ESEA