Stay tuned for the Left 4 Dead review that I will be writing for That Gaming Site.

The game will be released at midnight- less than 6 hours right now!

Mirror’s Edge will be released for the Xbox 360 and PS3 this Tuesday, November 11, 2008.

Click here for the HD version

My friend Moeb suggested that I watch the trailer the other day, and I’m so glad that I did, because the game looks absolutely fantastic! I just wish that I owned a console, so that I could give it a go ^^ I’ll have to wait for it to be released for PC. It is awesome to see a better representation of tough women in games!

The theme song is really catchy, and EA was generous enough to distribute various remixes that you can download on their page in a convenient free MP3 pack.

Update: Thanks to Carl for the update of the release date ^^

PC Magazine: Mirror’s Edge Ships to Retailers Tomorrow!

I was really excited to buy the Mac version of Call of Duty 4 today, but it appears that it has been pushed back (yet again) to September 22, 2008.

I’m pretty annoyed that I have to wait a month to buy it, because I will probably be neck deep in essays and homework by the time it gets shipped to me. I guess this gives me more of a reason to get outside and enjoy the fresh air right now…