How to get stubble

July 21, 2008

Sometimes I like to see what search terms lead people to my site, and I have noticed a lot of them have been “how to get stubble” or “how to grow stubble.” This keeps appearing because of a post in which I wrote about a study that found that women find guys with stubble to be more attractive.

Here is the answer that you have all been searching for:


don’t shave.

If you don’t have the hair yet, then there is really nothing that I can do to help you. I either suggest 1) aging or 2) gluing hair there a la Cartman in the Scott Tenorman Must Die episode of South Park (my absolute favourite)


I found this interesting digg today- apparently us women prefer men with a bit of stubble. Also interesting to note- clean-shaven men were voted 2nd least attractive and the very least attractive went to those sporting a full beard. Here we see yet again that moderation is key.

I’m not exactly sure where I stand on this issue- the other day I definitely did a double-take of a guy that I see often, because he had some stubble. It gave him a certain George Clooney-esque look. On the other hand, though, getting a kiss from someone with a sandpapery face isn’t very pleasant.

Each to their own 🙂