Pickup Games

June 17, 2008

No, I don’t mean flirting with the cute voice of the gamer girl/guy on vent!

Pickup Games aka PUGs are a fun way to improve your game play without being in a clan. They give you the opportunity to play 6 v 6, or whatever the format is, in a real match. It’s a great way to practice your skills in a competitive arena with players of various skill levels. I only started playing them recently, when my friends were recommending them to me, and besides a jerk or two- it has been awesome !

To participate in the two that I know of, having some sort of IRC client was necessary. I’m an IRC n00b, and only installed mIRC last week, but everything was actually pretty straightforward, and anything I wasn’t sure of I read in the online manual.

IRC is used to allocate spots for the matches, as it can be difficult for admins to keep track of who said they wanted to join first. Afterwards, you must sign in to ventrilo, and get yourself as quickly as possible into the private server.

Here is a channel that I know of that is open to everyone:

TF2 Pickup #tf2pickup & their site.

The Northern Resistance clan also has a pug server, but it is reserved more for community members.