I really enjoyed this digg about how Valve portrayed the PC as the future for gaming at their last media event. It seems to me like they’ve had enough with all of the chatter about the PS3, Wii, and XBOX 360 and want to pimp their own distribution service.

Here are the main points from the article:
– Steam allows for constant updates to games (rather than sporadic updates)
– PC games offer better communities for players
– WoW is a huge entertainment franchise – and it is currently unmatched in the console market
– Steam allows for speedier localization- with games in many different languages
– Easier for smaller game developers to get into the business

There was also the prediction that games will soon be seen more as a service rather than a physical product, such as WoW’s subscription service.

I personally feel like pc gaming is more hardcore when it comes to fps games, but that’s not to say that I feel that pc gaming is superior. I love using a keyboard and mouse when shooting- a controller does not offer you as much accuracy. I realize that there are plugins available, so that you can play with a kb + m on a console, but I think it would just feel… off.

On the other hand, there aren’t any pc games that I’m aware of that make use of motion sensors like the Wii does, so clearly consoles have their strengths. It seems to me like consoles are finally becoming more like a real at-home arcade. Boxing in Wii Sports brings me back to when I used to put on some boxing gloves and hit at the air when I played at the arcade irl. I think eventually the two will come together, but for now- I’m pleased with using the pc for fps and playing on consoles for Rock Band !