I found this interesting digg today- apparently us women prefer men with a bit of stubble. Also interesting to note- clean-shaven men were voted 2nd least attractive and the very least attractive went to those sporting a full beard. Here we see yet again that moderation is key.

I’m not exactly sure where I stand on this issue- the other day I definitely did a double-take of a guy that I see often, because he had some stubble. It gave him a certain George Clooney-esque look. On the other hand, though, getting a kiss from someone with a sandpapery face isn’t very pleasant.

Each to their own 🙂

Team Fortress 2 is currently my favourite video game, but I find it odd that all 9 character classes are male. Guys tend to be surprised to hear female voices over the mic, and it is greatly due to the fact that there are fewer female players, but I feel that the range of characters also reinforces that. Where is our representation? I have talked about this before with friends, and they asked me which character I wish had been created as a woman.

I have always thought that the heavy would also be pretty kick-ass as a woman, so here is my interpretation:

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