Some Workout Ideas for (FPS) Cyberathletes

March 23, 2008

I recently emailed Valve Software to get some advice on working in the video games industry, and one of the tips they included in their response took me by surprise- they stressed the importance of having a good workout regimen.

I enjoy walking my dog and dancing like a madwoman in the privacy of my bedroom, but these do not really constitute “good” workout regimens. This got me thinking… what could us cyberathletes do to get in (good) shape, and still have fun?

The first thing that came to mind, of course, was the gym machine and weight room- it’s a place dedicated to fitness and wellbeing. The honest truth of the matter, though, is that I’d rather shoot a brother than be running for a half hour without getting anywhere. Also, the gym, despite all of the sweat and bad smells, has somehow become a place to pickup, and girls seem to be going wearing pounds of makeup and fancy hairdos. I don’t really get it.

So what does that leave for us cyberathletes?

Squash! – the ultimate 1 v 1!

Squash might involve going to the gym, but you would be playing in a room away from all of the pulsing testosterone and pickup scene.

You’re a gamer- you’re looking to win! Squash is fast paced like a game of deathmatch, and it gives your reflexes good practice. Your opponents will swear you’re wall hacking when you headshot them as soon as they enter your line of vision.

Laser Quest

I played some Laser Quest-ing yesterday, and it allowed me to put some CS strategies to the test. I camped in a corner for awhile shooting people unexpectedly. Other times, I would be running after my enemies while simultaneously shooting at them and dodging their lasers.

Laser Quest involves using tactics from the game- you’re constantly surrounded and you have to figure out how to laser the other players without getting lasered, yourself.

The games are only 15 minutes long, but it is an amazing cardio workout and a great way to practice your aim!

Paint Ball

I personally have not tried this, but I’m hoping to find some friends who will take a n00b like me paint balling this summer. I have heard that the paint balls really sting, and I’ve seen the type of bruising that you can get from this sport. I imagine this could really help cyberathletes, because it introduces the element of pain into to the game. You wouldn’t want to be running around like Rambo spraying and praying in a game of paint ball like you might in a game of deathmatch in Counter-Strike.

GL and HF!!!!!! Over and out 🙂

2 Responses to “Some Workout Ideas for (FPS) Cyberathletes”

  1. Rambo said

    A workout regimen??? How did they back that up?
    In any case.. now I need to know if you play squash. I only know two other people who play, and we’ve hardly ever gotten out. It’s probably my favorite racquet sport.. even though I’m a total n00b.
    #2 if you ever go paint balling PLEEASE take me with you. I’ve also never done it but really want to try.
    #3 Brad was talking to me today about a rooster’s group Laser Quest outing. This should definitely happen.

    Finally, what a terribly well written blog! I’m thoroughly enjoying the fresh and frequent updates.

    Also, I’m your biggest fan.

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