ESEA for TF2?

October 31, 2008

There are rumours being posted on the GotFrag forums that allege that ESEA will be adding TF2 to its list of games in the next month or so. ESEA is a subscription service where you pay about $6 to play pugs (pick up games) that are being constantly run.

The upside is that you know there will always be pugs to join, better reliability, more pugs to join, and perhaps even more competitive players than a normal pug.

Luckily, there are free pugs to be had at and at #nrpug on the gamesurge network- so do not despair if you want to pug but don’t feel like forking out the $6/month. These free pug services only require you to use IRC and a mic, and they are good to practice your skills.

GotFrag: TF2 ESEA

Wow, this link shows an awesome collection of video game inspired pumpkins! Some of them are incredibly intricate; they are indeed works of art!

Happy Halloween!!!


I noticed this video posted in the GotFrag TF2 thread. The OP says that the soldier, Beh, plays for one of the top Brazilian teams, hardcore. I really enjoyed watching this video, because Beh is x100 better than me at playing soldier, and it is cool watching his fluent movements. It is certainly something to aspire to ^^

Check it out:

GotFrag Forums: Post + Video Download