An awesom-o image that I found on Digg:

I was reading a blog post called The Medic Dichotomy that got me thinking about the various ways of playing medic.

One can be the type to heal anyone that required assistance, or there is also the typical medic that only heals one person in particular- usually a heavy.

Personally, I find healing various players to be the most fun when playing medics, but it isn’t the best way of gaining points. The best thing you can do for points is to choose a really high scoring person playing offense and follow them around the map pushing ahead to help the players behind you. I find this can get to be really boring after awhile, but it’s fun to play this way when you have a friend in the server.

Some screenshots- click for the bigger versions:

Me & my medic, Kupula

Some appreciation from a pyro that I stuck with

Just want to reinforce some key topics; they might seem obvious, but they are not instinctual to everyone !

1) Pay attention to where the medic wants you to go

2) You should try your best to shoot at and/or blow things up

3) Take orders from the medic- they are the f***er to listen to

4) Remember to maintain priorities (Do not waste your time killing a scout, when two sentries need to be blown up)